Navy nab two suspects with Kerala cannabis

The Navy seized 139.930kg of Kerala cannabis during a special operation in the seas off Manalkadu, Point Pedro yesterday morning and nabbed two suspects.

The Northern Naval Command deployed the Inshore Patrol Craft P 177 to carry out the operation. The suspicious dinghy was intercepted and a sack filled with Kerala cannabis was seized along with the two suspects.

The Navy deployed Fast Attack Craft P 480 and P 433 of 4th Fast Attack Craft Flotilla (4 FAF) attached to the Northern Naval Command along with Inshore Patrol Craft P 105 for further search in the same sea area and nabbed three more sacks of Kerala cannabis.

The stock of Kerala cannabis is worth over Rs. 41 million.

The accused along with the stock of Kerala cannabis and the dinghy were handed over to the Point Pedro Police.


by dailynews sri lanka

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