MP’s threats on Prison Doctor: Report due soon

The report of the inquiry conducted by the Prisons Department against remanded MP Rishard Bathiudeen for threatening a prison medical officer with death will be presented to the Prison Tribunal for necessary action.

According to Prison Department media spokesman, Commissioner Chandana Ekanayake, this independent inquiry was conducted by an Assistant Superintendent of Prison on the order of Prison Commissioner General Thushara Upuldeniya.

During the inquiry statements have been recorded from 10 individuals including MP Bathiudeen, four prison officers, relevant doctors and several inmates.

The said incident happened on August 15 at the prison’s medical centre.

The medical officer had lodged a complaint with the Borella police against the MP and the Colombo Crime Division is conducting a separate investigation into the incident based on that complaint.

Meanwhile, the prison authorities have taken steps to move MP Bathiudeen to a special cell in the same prison following this incident.



by Daily News Sri Lanka

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