Kandy desperately in need of another playground

Kandy is desperately in need of another playground for all sports as it is the largest sports promoting District in Sri Lanka.

Today Kandy are faced with major issues to conduct sports activities as the District has insufficient playgrounds to provide with adequate facilities, especially for cricket, rugby, hockey and football.

At one time, when the Bogambara Ground was under the Municipal Council it gave a big hand for all sports.

The Bogambara Ground was the home for many schools but in the last two years the ground is under repairs.

Most of the schools and clubs heavily depended on this ground for their sports almost every day and the Municipal Council hired it at an affordable rate.

Now school cricketers are finding it difficult to play their matches due to the unavailability of grounds.

Except Trinity, Dharmaraja, St. Anthony’s and Sri Rahula MV the rest of the schools Sri Sumangala MV, St. Sylvester’s, Vidyartha and Kingswood go out of Kandy for their cricket matches.

At one time the Peradeniya turf wicket was classified among the best in the country and helped cricket in a big way and even overseas teams have played there.

They helped most of the schools to play cricket and if not for their help today, hockey would have been a forgotten sport.

The Police Ground at one time was hired for all sports but now the first preference is given for cricket at their matting wicket.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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