Kabul: Afghans fly national flag in Taliban's face on Independence Day

New Delhi: 

A hallmark of the atmosphere against the Taliban was seen in Kabul on the occasion of its Independence Day, anti-Taliban Afghans marched in the city with 200 meters tall flag. Not all seems to have been lost to the extremist Taliban in Afghanistan after a hostile political takeover last week. The anti-Taliban Afghans walked with the flag in hand while cars moved on the side.

19th August, Thursday marks Afghanistan’s Independence Day, which commemorates the 1919 treaty that ended British rule in the central Asian nation. Fortunately, today we are celebrating the anniversary of independence from Britain,” the Taliban said. “We at the same time as a result of our jihadi resistance forced another arrogant of power of the world, the United States, to fail and retreat from our holy territory of Afghanistan.

Earlier, Several video clips of people replacing the Taliban flag in Jalalabad with the Afghan tricolor have gone viral on Twitter. The Taliban can be later seen opening fire on the hapless, but determined, people, reportedly killing a few and injuring several others. Afghan locals can be seen triumphantly replacing the Taliban flag amid frenetic cheers.

On the other hand, the US has seized about $9.5 billion (about Rs 70,000 crore in Indian currency) assets belonging to the Afghan central bank as part of an attempt to block the Taliban-led government from accessing the funds. and halted the shipment of cash to the nation. 


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