JASTECA hosts webinar on Japanese corporate practices

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The Japan Sri Lanka Technical & Cultural Association (JASTECA), an alumni association of past trainees of Japan, will host a webinar on Friday, 20, from 1.30 pm to 3 pm.

The seminar will focus on some basic Japanese practices and habits that enhance personal and organisational productivity, quality, and customer delight and Sri Lanka can greatly benefit from adopting these practices and habits.

“It is not only Corporate Executives who would benefit, but even small entrepreneurs and even those who have a general interest in learning will benefit immensely from practising Japanese practices. The contents will cover practices such as their exceptional customer orientation, how they promote cleanliness through “Kireizuki”, the “Nemawashi” system of decision making, attention to detail, “Kaizen” philosophy, habit of going to the “Gemba”, discipline and punctuality and a host of other habits.

This seminar is freely accessible to anyone interested but prior registration is required to receive the log-in link. Several organisations have registered many of their staff members and so far nearly 200 registrations have been received.

The resource person, Sunil G Wijesinha, is a well-known proponent of Japanese Management Techniques and has attended several courses in Japan since 1980. His over 35 visits to Japan and working with Japanese partners has given him a good understanding of the habits and practices of the Japanese. He has been the pioneer in promoting many Japanese techniques such as 5S and Quality Circles in Sri Lanka.

A former President of JASTECA, he is the recipient of the prestigious Regional Award by the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) for his work in promoting productivity in the Asia Pacific Region.

JASTECA is affiliated with the Association for Overseas Technical Cooperation and Sustainable Partnership (AOTS) of Japan, and JASTECA is one among 73 Alumni Societies in 44 countries.

JASTECA has regularly conducted seminars, training courses and study tours and coordinates the AOTS scholarship programme for training in Japan. However, the Pandemic has restricted its activities to web-based seminars for the present.

More details could be obtained from, jastecaim@gmail.com

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