Heed medical advice, lockdown country - SJB

The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) on Wednesday predicted that people in the country will have to face unexpected power cuts within the next few months due to the severe foreign reserve crisis currently facing the country.

SJB MP Mujibar Rahaman said a recent statement by Petroleum Minister Udaya Gammanpila hinted of long queues to purchase petrol and diesel in the near future like what was experienced to buy milk powder and gas in the recent past.

He said Minister Gammanapila’s recent statement to urge people to use petroleum products sparingly clearly reflects that there will definitely be an imminent power cut in the country.

He said almost all countries in the world are fighting against this long standing COVID situation while balancing their economy and development activities equally without exerting much burden on countrymen.

“I am asking why our leaders are not capable to handle matters carefully without creating unnecessary shortages of essential commodity items such as rice and milk powder and now petroleum products in future,” he said.

MP Mano Ganeshan said as told by the SJB earlier if the Government had taken timely action to start countrywide vaccination programmes at least from January this year the entire vaccination programme could have been finished by now.“Therefore we once again urge the Government to listen to the health guidelines of specialist doctors without delaying expected consequences that will increase the country’s COVID virus situation to the maximum,” he said.

SJB MP Harshana Rajakaruna urged the Government to heed advice from health specialists without allowing people to die and take immediate steps to lockdown the country at least for three weeks to minimise spreading this deadly virus.Motaruwa MC member, attorney Lihini Fernando said the Government must at least now look into increasing COVID deaths and take measures immediately to discuss with all concerned about the precautionary measures that should be taken.



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