Gas World to double its oxygen production capacity

Gas World (Pvt) Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of Industrial Gases Pvt Ltd, recently announced their plans to add yet another ASU Plant to increase their Medical and Industrial Oxygen production capacity.It was only in the 3rd week of April 2021 that they commissioned their third plant boosting production capacity to almost 38 tons per day. The commissioning of this plant was long delayed due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic in China from November 2019 till end 2020. As announced by Sumith Guruge, Chairman of Industrial Gases (Pvt) Ltd and Gas World (Pvt) Ltd “this was a part of our normal capacity expansion based on pre Covid-19 economic conditions. Fortunately, this plant was commissioned in April 2021 enabling local production capacity to meet the bulk of the Sri Lanka’s health sector needs during the early days of the third wave of Covid-19. This enabled the company to increase its supply of Oxygen to the health and industrial sectors from around 10 to 40 tons per day”.Guruge is confident in having the new plant up and running within a few months as opposed to the usual time taken to commission such a plant. He also stated that ” we have maintained our prices to the health sector stable throughout the pandemic and with the commissioning of the fourth plant, Gas World will double its Oxygen and Nitrogen output. With a vibrant vaccination program and other health safety measures in place, we are confident that the pandemic would fade away sooner than expected enabling the local industries such as construction, production related, Port City development etc. to experience a considerable boost”.

As a responsible and a reliable partner in progress, our goal is to be prepared for such an exponential growth to ensure an uninterrupted supply of gases without any adverse impact on national development. When asked about over capacity in a post pandemic environment Chairman Guruge stated “We are looking at the broader goals of our industry. We must provide uninterrupted supply to all our customers, not only the health sector but all of the industries we supply, from ship building to food processing and even our neighborhood welding plants. Any investor will be able to access our industrial gas without an interruption. Hopefully we will be able to provide more in-plant Oxygen supply to more hospitals” a laudable vision, indeed.

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