DocuWare, a new way to access documents from home

When COVID-19 forced companies all over the world to send their employees home to work virtually, remote work had a big moment.

The rush to give employees access to all the tools, including easy access to documents, they’d need to work from home was a “sudden” for many employers. Companies had to look out for novel ways and tools to do this quickly. But after the early adapters settled in, what quickly became apparent to many office-based teams is that employees could be productive and focused when not in the office—in many cases, even more so. Employers everywhere began to understand that remote work really works, But only when they had been given all the right tools to be productive such as easy and quick access to important documents.

Covid-19 has shown us the need to adapt to great tools such as DocuWare to support businesses to increase performance to gain sustainability even during the Pandemic. DocuWare intelligent indexing allows managers and employees to instantly identify the most valuable information on a document automatically and convert it into highly structured, usable data and store it so you never have to make copies of the same document again. Employees can easily cut down unproductive time and focus on important tasks as this system does the operational and all of the document management without any human intervention. In addition, employees and managers can easily retrieve any data such as but not limited to customer history, inventory, invoices in any form for that matter with a simple search button from anywhere in the world. Security is also guaranteed.

This tool allows managers to measure a volume of work and evaluate and understand where the projects are heading and quickly make strategic decisions. Also, managers and employees have access to archives of data, evaluate, approve and forward to third party of their choice from anywhere. In developed world, this has been very widely used – as in the new normal, visiting office is becoming “a thing of the past”. All what you need is a computer or a phone to work.

This will not only increase productivity but will also reduce operating costs, substantially! Eliminates physical file storages and enhances ability to retrieve information without hassle, to make instant decisions more effectively. The system has high security control over data and managers also can restrict access to sensitive information or share documents selectively.

DocuWare solution originates from Germany and supported by world renowned brands such as RICOH and used largely world-wide. Novel features and introduction to DocuWare rolled out for first time in SL by Local agent Gestetner of Ceylon PLC.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the right tools for your remote workforce or are already working virtually but looking for more productivity to your teams, check out the FREE live webinar on 1st September at 11 am hosted direct from Australia covering how it could be best achieved with tools that have been in existence for many decades and sponsored locally by Shan Perera of Gestetner of Ceylon Plc.

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