CSE total market turnover hits Rs. 600 billion within first eight months of 2021

By Hiran H.Senewiratne

Investor confidence in the Colombo Stock Exchange recorded an all-time high with the total market turnover touching Rs. 600 billion as at 24th August 2021 within the first 08 months of the year. Therefore, the investor sentiment has shown some significant improvement despite the country’s economic woes and the Covid 19 pandemic condition, CSE-Head of Marketing Niroshan Wijesundera said.

“Last year, the CSE’s total turnover reached Rs. 396.8 billion but this year we have surpassed last year’s total market turnover in less than eight months. Therefore, market trading activities have also increased by approximately 27.5 percent, Year-To-Date growth is seen in ASPI, Wijesundere told The Island Financial Review.

He said daily turnover marked the highest value for the quarter at Rs. 10.8 billion, recorded on the previous day. Yesterday the market turnover stood at Rs. 9.9 billion. The two days’ market turnover averaged Rs10 billion year to date; a 34 percent increase of active accounts compared to year 2020.

The CSE implemented the Delivery Versus Payment (DVP) Settlement mechanism on August 16, 2021. “The increased market participation and growth indicates how all the market participants have embraced the new trading systems and its operating infrastructure, Wijesundera explained.

“With the announcement of new policy rates, although a public reaction was exhibited soon after, the positive trajectory of the market indicates that the amended policy rates have not posed a negative effect on the market performance and activity, Wijesundere said.

CSE trading activates were bullish yesterday and a major contributor to the All Share Price Index was Commercial Leasing Finance, which contributed 124 points. Commercial Leasing Finance’s share price yesterday appreciated by 50 percent or Rs. 8.70. Its shares started trading at Rs. 17.50 and at the end of the day they shot up to Rs. 26.20.Expolanka Holdings, performed well on the previous day with noted profit taking but its share price depreciated by two percent or Rs. 2.75. It shares started trading at Rs. 122.75 but at the end of the day they came down to Rs. 120.

Amid those developments both indices moved upwards. All Share Price Index went up by 188.30 points to 8667.95 and S and P SL20 rose by 24.44 points. Turnover stood at Rs. 9.95 billion with three crossings. Those three crossings were reported in Cargills PLC where 730,000 shares crossed to the tune of Rs. 171.5 million and its share price traded at Rs. 235, HNB (Non Voting) 880,000 shares crossed for Rs. 100.4 million, its shares traded at Rs. 114 and JKH 630,000 shares crossed for Rs. 83.2 million, its share price being Rs. 132.

In the retail market top seven companies that mainly contributed to the turnover were, Expolanka Holdings Rs. 1.59 billion (13 million shares traded),LOLC Finance Rs. 1.06 billion (86.3 million shares traded), Browns Investments Rs. 1.04 billion (133 million shares traded), LOLC Holdings Rs. 965 million (1.8 million shares traded), Hayleys PLC Rs. 956.8 million (10.8 million shares traded, Dipped Products Rs. 602 million (10 million shares traded) and Royal Ceramic Rs. 474 million (10.8 million shares traded). During the day 421.4 million share volumes changed hands in 62000 transactions.

LOLC Group now owns a 15 percent stake in SANASA Development Bank (SDB bank) following the conclusion of the bank’s Secondary Public Offering (SPO).SDB Bank said that when the issue closed last week, the SPO had drawn applications worth Rs. 3.69 billion; short of the desired Rs. 4.5 billion aimed at. The SPO received 111 applications requesting for 71.76 million shares.

It said Iconic Property Twenty Three Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of LOLC Investments, has been allocated 24.1 million shares or 15 percent. Kotagala Plantations PLC’s Rs. 790 million Rights Issue has seen demand worth Rs. 1 billion, reflecting a successful oversubscription.

The Issue involved 263,287,500 Ordinary Shares at Rs. 3 per share on the basis of seven new shares for two held. The aim was to raise Rs. 790 million. Kotagala said the Rights Issue had been oversubscribed with total subscription received amounting to Rs. 1.01 billion inclusive of additional shares applied for. It said the information was subject to the realisation of cheques, bank confirmation, elimination of duplications (if any) and other verifications.

Consolidated Tea Plantations Ltd. owns 45 percent in Kotagala and related parties Lankem Tea and Rubber Plantations own 21.76 percent. The percentage of shares held by the public in Kotagala as of 30 June was 32.77 percent with 13,439 public shareholders.


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