Crowd Rallies Behind Teen After 'Karen's Husband' Calls Cops for Pulling Wheelies

“I suggest you get the f–k out of this neighborhood.”

A Californian crowd rallied behind a teen who had the cops called on him for pulling wheelies in public.

The 18-year-old, who fittingly goes by the name 1Wheeled Gera on TikTok, was cycling around Palo Alto with the front wheel missing from his bike — but not everyone was impressed. A man who identified himself as tech CEO Bill Eichen while calling the police was so angry at Gera’s “dangerous” behavior that he told cops over the phone he wanted to press charges.

“That’s so f–king dangerous, that if you even f–king touch me, do you know what’s happening?” he aggressively tells the teenager, who recorded it all on his helmet calm. “I don’t want this in my neighborhood, I’m calling the cops.”

“Why don’t you f–king go somewhere in Stanford and do that s—? Don’t do it downtown any more,” he continues.

“And if my friends were here and you do it and you run into them, they’re gonna knock the f–k out of kids like you,” he threatens. “I suggest you get the f–k out of this neighborhood. I can tell you dude, you’re looking for an ass whooping … from some people.”

Gera, who remains calm and admirably polite throughout, tells him that he is cycling in a public place, and he has checked with the police if it is okay. Eichen then claims Gera actually has hit him with his bike before … many times, actually. Other people, too.

“He’s doing something highly illegal,” he tells the 911 dispatcher. “He’s riding his bike without a front tire, and he’s running into elderly people in the middle of University Ave.”

Gera repeatedly tries to walk away, but Eichen blocks his path each time.

“Don’t leave the scene of a crime, ’cause then I’ll have to tackle you,” he threatens the teen, before telling the dispatcher: “Send a cop down to University, Ramona. There’s gonna be an incident.”

It is at this point a female bystander sees what is happening and intervenes, placing herself between the two. Meanwhile, the dispatcher on the phone appears to get irritated with the caller.

“You can tell Mr. Dueker to look up my mobile number — he knows who I am,” Eichen name-drops to the dispatcher, likely referring to Palo Alto Emergency Services Director Ken Dueker. “I’m not going to do that sir,” the dispatcher replies — while also making it clear someone would be “responding” to the incident.

The commotion starts to attract more and more people, who begin to form a protective barrier around the teen.

“This has nothing to do with you,” Eichen tells one couple, as he threatens to call his lawyer. Gera chuckles to one of the Good Samaritans — who also happens to be a lawyer — that he actually does need to talk to the police, claiming his front wheel had been stolen.

Eichen then begins to film the incident himself after another adult skateboarder attempts to intervene. He continues to follow the teen down the road, insisting the police are coming, as the crowd shout at him to leave him alone.

“Hey you’re gonna be popular,” Gera concludes to his unbidden companion, as they walk along the street. The video cuts with him saying, “I post on TikTok!”

And post on TikTok he did, tagging the post with hashtags including #angry #karen #karenshusband #cops and #bikes.

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