Christy Carlson Romano Says She and Shia LaBeouf Didn't Always Get Along on Even Stevens

She also said his father was a “negative presence” on set for everyone.

Christy Carlson Romano just spilled “The Truth About the Disney Channel” in a new YouTube video, reflecting on her days as an “Evens Stevens” star.

Romano, now 37, costarred with Shia LaBeouf on the Disney Channel series from 2000 until 2003 and, in a new video, revealed “what it was actually like” working for the Mouse House at that time.

Most of what she had to say was extremely positive, as she said there were a lot of “amazing, life changing aspects” about working for Disney — who she believed “really want what’s best for their talent.”

Explaining that she and LaBeouf actually shared a dressing room — David Hasselhoff’s old dressing room from his “Baywatch” days, no less — Romano said there was still the “perfect amount of space” there for the two of them.

“There’s also kind of like set politics, there’s some tea for you guys,” she said, before getting to some of the good stuff. “Every set has certain people that don’t get along. On my set, from time to time, it was like me and Shia. But I think there was other people that didn’t gel well as well.”

She added: “I will say his dad was a very negative presence amongst everybody.” That, of course, shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who’s seen “Honey Boy,” which was inspired by LaBeouf’s real-life relationship with his dad.

Romano also said she would sometimes take issue with some of the physical stunts required for the show, saying she felt that they weren’t always “thought out or budgeted with safety in mind.” The upside there, however, was that anytime she said she had a problem with a certain gag, they wouldn’t make her do it and wouldn’t write similar ones for her again.

“Shia was more than willing to clown it up for everybody on set. I let him have that and take the bullet when it came to the craziness,” she added.

Romano, now a mother to two daughters, made it clear she would love to work for Disney again in the future … even if they ask her to audition. Noting how they’ve worked with Raven-Symone and considered a “Lizzie McGuire” reboot with Hilary Duff, she said she’d be down to return as well.

“I’ve always been ready to work for them,” she said, adding that she’s always been loyal to the company. “I hope that in time it gets rewarded, but if it doesn’t, I’m not gonna have any ill will towards Disney.”

If they do give her a ring, however, she said she’s learned from the past and knows she’s “worth more than I thought I was before.” Romano concluded: “So be warned, Disney!”

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