Billy Crystal Got Really, Really High in an MRI

“Sir, you’re still in your gown, and your ass is hanging out”

Billy Crystal traveled back to 1968 during a recent MRI.

How? Why? Weed and nerves. The actor shared his experience with cannabis while on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” earlier this week.

It all started with hip pain, apparently caused by a new strenuous workout routine, prompting him to get a check up.

“I don’t want to join the ‘yeah I got a new hip’ club”, Crystal joked. When the doctor had recommended he receive an MRI, Billy had started to get nervous after realizing that he was claustrophobic.

“I’m nervous and they shoot dye into the hip and then they put me in the hospital gown, you know, your ass hangs out in the back”, Crystal recalled, “Nothing is good about this.”

Crystal then shared that he popped four edibles he found in the senior senior section at his local dispensary before undergoing his MRI.

“[The cannabis employee] said two will make you feel good, so I said, ‘Well I really want to feel fabulous,'” he explained.

Crystal entered the claustrophobic MRI tube, having already ingested the edibles, and half an hour into his procedure ended up pressing the help button.

“I squeeze the thing and he goes ‘you okay Mr. Crystal?’, I say ‘yeah, yeah! Is there a Taco Bell?'”

Forty minutes into the procedure Billy squeezed the instrument again to signal for assistance.

“Okay, All right, all right now 40 minutes and I squeeze that again. And he goes ‘you’re okay?'” Crystal recalled. “‘Yeah yeah I’m thinking Postmates would they deliver here?’ I’m thinking, gumbo or Nutella french toast.”

“Finally I nodded off so it was like 1968 all over again so it’s like very cool for me”, Billy remarked, before explaining he may have gotten a little too baked in that MRI.

“So, the guy takes me out and I walk out of the building and someone says, ‘Sir, you’re still in your gown, and your ass is hanging out.’ I say, ‘Oh geez,'” Crystal joked. “So, I came back and I got dressed and I went to a Taco Bell and had a nacho fry box.”

Crystal is currently promoting Disney+ series “Monsters at Work,” which is streaming now.

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