Ashlee Simpson Stealth Posts Naked Shower Pic of Evan Ross for Birthday -- Tracee Ellis Ross Reacts

The singer posts a seemingly innocuous pic of the two of them together in public … but one click to the right reveals something a whole lot more private!

Ashlee Simpson clearly had birthdays on her mind when celebrating her husband Evan Ross’ big day with a cheeky new post on Instagram … and birthday suits, too!

We have to respect the game, too, as it was totally a stealth drop, too. A quick glance at her Instagram feed or scroll through your own and you might miss it entirely.

That’s because at first glance you’re treated to a sweet shot of the happy couple walking hand-in-hand together. It’s even romanticized in black and white.

“Happy Birthday to the love of my life,” Simpson captioned the image. “Your spirit is truly infectious, and I’m so lucky to spending everyday with you. 33 baby.”

Everything about it is so sweet and seemingly innocent. And then you click right.

With the current and ongoing debate about celebrity cleanliness and showering habits, Ashlee put to rest any speculation that Evan might be one of those who skips showers. And with one strategically placed towel she avoided this steamy pic getting banned altogether.

As expected, it didn’t take long for people to figure out what was lurking beneath the surface of all that romanticism. “You’re a legend for this 😂,” commented Larsa Pippen.

But probably the funniest — and perhaps most embarrassing for Evan — was when his sister, “black-ish” star Tracee Ellis Ross chimed in.

Her message was simple enough, but we have a feeling he’s not going to quickly live this one down. “😂😂 the shower photo,” she wrote.

As for Evan, he spent the day sharing all the sweet messages he’d gotten from everyone for his birthday on his Instagram Stories, including big sis Tracee. He shared Ashlee’s first pic with the message “Love you,” but had a grimacing emoji as his only comment for the second.

The life lesson we learned from this whole experience is to one, be careful who’s in the bathroom with you while you’re taking a shower and two, never trust an Instagram post if there’s a little arrow pointing to the right. Who knows what may lurk within!

Happy birthday to the birthday boy in his birthday suit!

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