AGT Fifth Judge Results: Kodi Lee and H.E.R. Bring Down the House as 7 More Advance

The Clairvoyants also return to showcase their incredible mentalist act as Terry Crews promises huge surprises after a very close vote.

It was a tight night with the vote, according to Terry Crews, as “America’s Got Talent” advanced seven more acts into the semifinals — and sent five more home.

This week’s batch of contestants created a wildly uneven show Tuesday night with some truly deplorable acts stinking up the stage. On the opposite end, there were a few that really stood out as something special. But that didn’t leave much room in the middle, so really it shouldn’t have been that close.

What we’re saying is that if you put Johnny Showcase through, America, than we and you will officially be feuding. We get that this is just a silly reality show, but silly has to mean funny. He was funny once, but he was awful on Tuesday. We’re confident you got it right … right?

To help pad an hour-long show that only needs to read off the names of seven acts, “AGT” welcomed back The Clairvoyants, one of the best mentalist acts they’ve ever had (and they delivered again), while also giving the judges a chance to show off their own psychic powers.

Finally, we got the return of 2019 winner Kodi Lee in an incredible duet with H.E.R. Each time he performs, Kodi blows us all away again, representing the incredible power of music to connect people and even allow people to communicate the truth of their heart. It was a magical moment and, dare we say, one of Kodi’s best performances ever!

Once again, The Clairvoyants are masters at raising the level of their mental tricks step by step until your mind is well and truly blown. It was nice to see them reading the minds of the judges and Terry to identify dice, but by the time they were pulling up their Instagram page, we were at next-level impressive. There is such confidence in what they do, and the tricks are always impressive. This one rose right to the level of amazing, which is why they’re a fan-favorite and one of the most fun acts to come out of this show.

It turns out maybe the judges have some psychic abilities of their own. Terry paired them off boys and girls and had them face one another to try and get in one another’s minds. Could they say the same word at the same time? Honestly, we’re as stunned as they are with how it turned out!

Two years after he won this show, Kodi actually has more emotional connection and nuance in his voice than he showed then. His harmonies with H.E.R. were absolutely sublime and the whole performance just magically lifted our hearts and spirits. He remains one of the most remarkable talents to ever appear on this show, and we’re still rooting for him to navigate his way into a substantial career into the music industry.

Of course, because this is a long show and there’s a lot of time to fill, we get to play this cruel game where the sixth, seventh and eighth acts all have to battle it out again for America’s Vote … and then the judges’ vote.

Our rankings had Peter Anteoniou, Dokteauk Crew and Northwell Health Nurse Choir in these slots. And though we ranked the dance crew higher than the choir, we suspected America would vote the choir higher for sentimental reasons. In fact, we didn’t expect to see them here at all.

And we didn’t. Instead, the acts you put in there were Korean Soul, T.3 and Tory Vagasy, which is nowhere near what we had. Tory was our third favorite, Korean Soul our fifth and we thought T.3 was a bit of a disaster, down in ninth place.

Terry was right when he said this vote was so close there were going to be some big surprises on the night. After just this reveal, we’re already extremely worried about the rest of our picks. What did you do, America? What did you do?!

At least Tory was off to an early lead in the live vote updates we got as the show progressed.

As we predicted, Northwell Health Nurse Choir avoided the danger zone, instead facing off against Shuffolution — which obviously means it was good news for Howie Mandel’s Golden Buzzer, Northwell Health Nurse Choir. Who’s going to vote off nurses during Covid?

Next to face off were Victory Brinker and Aidan Bryant, which was absolutely heartbreaking to conceive as these were our top two acts. If they didn’t both make it, then this show would be a travesty of justice and we’d have our first shocker of the night.

So is that what happened? Thankfully, America got this one right and both Victory Brinker and Aidan Bryant quickly fleshed out the Top 5, and deservedly so.

Things definitely got more stressful after that double advance as Peter Antoniou was paired off against Positive Impact Movement. We thought the guys really disappointed last night, while Peter did much what The Clairvoyants do, and impressively so. He deserved that shot, and thankfully America made it so, as Peter Antoniou took the next slot.

And then there were three. Josh Blue, Dokteauk Crew and Johnny Showcase rounded out the remaining acts — so where’s the surprise? Obviously, Josh was going to take this one. Johnny was a mess of an act, and we’d already suspected Dokteauk would lose out to the nurse choir. Of course, Josh Blue scored the last spot of these three acts, as he actually delivered flawlessly.

If there is any justice in this world, Howie Mandel will have to eat his words about Tory Vagasy and she’ll pick up America’s vote right here. Then the judges can decide between T.3 and Korean Soul (you already know what we’d prefer).

Tory had a dominant lead the last time we saw preliminary results of tonight’s Instant Save, and it looks like she hung on as Tory Vagasy scored the sixth spot in the semifinals from tonight’s group.

With Tory advancing, it was down to a pair of boy groups, with one a genuine tribute to the boy bands of their youth and the other a Korean group that’s trying to defy K-pop expectations. Both have been impressive, but neither had their best moment Tuesday night.

Still, we had Korean Soul in our Top 7 because of the sheer quality of their vocals. But the judges really liked what T.3 did way more than we did, which probably made this the most challenging pairing they could have gotten to choose from. The acts are different and yet not at the same time, as evidenced by both saying they wanted to bring peace and joy to the next round as their pitch to the judges.

Heidi agreed with our assessment that both took a step down from their auditions, but revealed a soft spot for T.3. Sofia echoed her vote because she feels T.3 is a fresher act with more commercial potential.

Simon pulled a quick reversal, chastising Korean Soul for being boring, while saying T.3 had a great vocal in front of overblown production (he’s right). But his vote went for Korean Soul, sending it to Howie, who loved them both evenly and set up a tie, reverting back to America’s Vote.

So after all that, it was up to America and your choice agreed with our choice, putting Korean Soul into the semifinals.

Terry promised some shocking results tonight, but our predictions were actually one hundred percent accurate this week with who we thought would advance. You may be surprising to Terry, but we get you, America. We get you.

“America’s Got Talent” continues with the final 12 quarterfinal acts — including the Wild Card winner — next Tuesday and Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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