Afghanistan: Taliban slams US drone strike in Kabul, says Afghan sovereignty violated


The Taliban has condemned Sunday’s US drone attack in Kabul, asserting that the US has violated the sovereignty of Afghanistan. 

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi told CNN that it was not right to operate on the soil of other nations and that the US should have informed the Taliban. 

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Know all about ISIS-K which attacked Kabul airport, considers both Taliban, US as enemy

“Whenever America conducts such an operation, we condemn it,” he said.

Abdulhaq Wasik, a member of the Taliban’s political office, said the United States (US) was exaggerating the Islamic State’s (ISIS) presence in Afghanistan. In response to the US military’s drone strike, Wasik said that the US has no right to carry out strikes in Afghanistan.


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US officials said another US airstrike on Sunday afternoon targeted a vehicle carrying several ISIS-K suicide bombers. According to Wasik, the US military’s air strikes in Afghanistan are contrary to the Doha Agreement signed by the United States and the Taliban.

“We have signed an agreement with the Americans in Doha in this regard and the attack is against the agreement,” Wasik said. 

“They are not allowed to interfere in the affairs of Afghanistan after their return on the basis of the agreement,” he added.

Meanwhile, several Afghan politicians and foreign journalists say the recent attacks on Kabul airport indicate that IS-K fighters are active in Afghanistan. 

“By attacking the Kabul airport, ISIS-K showed it was still present in Afghanistan,” said Tahir Khan, a Pakistani reporter.

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Meanwhile, residents of Kabul expressed concern over the presence of ISIS-K in Afghanistan. 

“They specifically want to show Americans that ‘we exist’,” said Sameem, a Kabul resident.


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