Afghanistan: Amrullah Saleh threatens Pakistan, gives strong message to Imran Khan


Amrullah Saleh, who has declared himself the acting President of



, has declared war against the nefarious pair of Pakistan and Taliban. Instead of fleeing from Afghanistan, Amrullah Saleh, who made his base in the Panjshir Valley, asserted that Pakistan will not be able to




Latest World News

Latest World News

Amrullah Saleh, reacting to a tweet by a former White House official, wrote on Twitter, “don’t let your history become a chapter on the humiliation and bowing down of terrorist groups.” 

“Countries should respect the rule of law and not violence. Afghanistan is so big for Pakistan that it cannot swallow it, you should not allow such a chapter in your history, in which there is mention of bowing down or being humiliated in front of terrorist groups,”


Saleh tweeted.

When the Taliban took control of Afghanistan on August 15 and Ashraf Ghani left


, Amrullah Saleh declared that he would not bow down to the Taliban under any circumstances. 

On August 17, he declared himself Acting President and stated that according to the Constitution of Afghanistan, in the absence, escape, resignation or death of the Afghan President, the first Vice President becomes Acting President.

“I am currently in


and the legitimate caretaker president. I am reaching out to all the leaders to seek their support and consensus,” he said.

Although Saleh’s whereabouts are unknown, he is believed to be in the Panjshir Valley of Afghanistan’s Panjshir province, and is leading Afghanistan’s National Resistance Front.

“It’s pointless to argue with POTUS on Afghanistan now. Let him digest it. We Afghans must prove that Afghanistan is not Vietnam and the Taliban are not remotely like Vietnam. Unlike US and NATO, we haven’t given up and see great opportunities ahead. Join the resistance,”

Amarullah recently tweeted.

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