13 feared killed in Kabul attack

A Taliban official told the media that a bombing outside Kabul’s airport has killed 13 people, including children. Numerous Taliban guards are among the injured, the official said. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby confirmed that two explosions took place outside Kabul’s airport on Thursday causing U.S. and civilian deaths, part of a complex attack that came after repeated warnings of a threat by the United States and its allies.

According to Kirby, the first blast took place right outside the airport’s Abbey gate with the second at the nearby Baron hotel. Scattered gunshots were heard after the blasts.

Large crowds of Afghans have been gathering daily at the airport in hopes of fleeing the country following the Taliban takeover. Kirby did not give precise figures but Reuters cited Taliban officials that up to 13 people may have been killed, including children.

The U.S. Embassy in Kabul warned Americans late Wednesday to avoid traveling to Kabul airport because of unspecified security threats and advised citizens at three airport gates to “leave immediately.” (Washington Post, NPR)

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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