Wakfs Board bans slaughter of Qurbani animals within Mosque premises

The Wakfs Board of Sri Lanka has decided not to permit the slaughter of Qurbani animals within any Mosque premises.

Accordingly, all trustees are directed not to permit any slaughter of qurbani animals within any mosque premises in the island, A.B.M. Ashraff, Director of Wakfs (MMCT), Director, Department of Muslim Religious and Cultural Affairs announced in his Circular dated July 13.

Speaking to the Daily News, Ashraff said that the decision has been taken in accordance with an instruction from the Wakfs Board. “We sincerely trust and hope that the board of management of all the mosques throughout the island will follow suit.”

In a related development, Deputy Mayor of Colombo M.T.M.Iqbal told the Daily News that the Colombo Municipal Council will issue temporary permits to slaughter Qurbani animals to observe the Hajj Festival this year which falls on July 21.” Such permits will not be given for Poya days. Iqbal explained that this was the system followed last year too and such permits can be issued to individual requests too.”

Last week on the representation made by the Muslim Councillors of the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC), at meeting held under the Chairmanship of Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake it was decided to request the concerned Veterinary Department of the CMC to make the arrangements for slaughtering for three days following the Hajj Festival on 21, excluding the Poya day on July 23.
A trustee of a Mosque in Colombo lamented that there is no coordination between the Wakfs Board and the CMC. “We are at a loss to follow whom - to slaughter the animals in Colombo or take them outside the city limits.”

A CMC official said that animals slaughtered in licensed slaughterhouses are screened for health reasons and the animal waste are diverted to proper channels adhering to health guidelines.

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