Boat capsizes: Six fishermen saved

A sailing vessel that was launched from Dodanduwa Fishing Harbour on its way to deep sea for fishing capsized in the middle of the sea yesterday afternoon (7) and the six fishermen who were on board had clung on to the overturned boat and saved their lives with much difficulty.

 One fisherman who was seriously injured in the accident was rushed to hospital. The other five fishermen were also injured.

The boat, which was sailing deep into sea, had been capsized due to a sudden surge of waves about two kilometers off the coast of Boossa.

Another fishing vessel anchored at the fishing harbor and a navy boat had reached the capsized boat and rescued the fishermen who were clinging on to the boat.

The fellow fishermen with the assistance of the Navy towed the boat ashore.

The engine of the boat had been sunk in the sea.

A portion of the nets carried in the boat had also gone missing.

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