DMT Narahenpita, Werahera offices closed

The Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) has decided to extend the time period of the temporary suspension of the services provided by Narahenpita and Werahera offices.

Accordingly, the DMT offices in Narahenpita and Werahera will remain closed next week, the Commissioner-General of the Department stated issuing a notice.

The DMT media release stated that the decision to suspend all the services provided by Narahenpita and Werahera Offices of the Department of Motor Traffic temporarily, was taken in accordance with the health guidelines provided by the health sectors due to the high-risk situation in the country pertaining to the Covid 19 pandemic.

However, limited services will be available at the regional offices, the Commissioner-General said.

The DMT notified all clients that all the appointments were reserved through the Tele. No. 011- 2677877 will be thus cancelled. The date of re-commencement of the services will be notified through media.

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