Disclose what was discussed with Diplomats: PUNP asks Sajith

The Patriotic United National Party (PUNP) yesterday questioned the Opposition Leader whether he is planning to destroy the future of the country by conniving with Western powers to impose economic sanctions on the country.

The Party asked whether the Opposition Leader’s sudden meeting with several ambassadors representing countries that stood against Sri Lanka at the UNHRC is aimed imposing economic sanctions on Sri Lanka.

The party said that the Opposition Leader should disclose the country the purpose his meeting with the ambassadors of Western countries.

Party’s General Secretary Sugath Hewapathirana in a statement said the people in the country have a right to know what they discussed with the Opposition Leader.

“The Opposition Leader’s Office has not disclosed the public about the purpose of this meeting. The Opposition Leader has a right to meet the members of diplomatic corps. But the people have a right to know what they discussed at such a meeting,” he said.

He said that the Opposition Leader’s office has failed to announce the country the basis of his meeting with the ambassadors of western countries.

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