Bogambara prisoners demand PCR tests

About 40 inmates of the old Bogambara Prison in Kandy staged a protest on the roof of the prison today (17).

Protesters on the roof of the prison demanded that they be released on bail, saying that no matter how much they asked the prison authorities to subject them to PCR investigations, they did not respond well and that their lives were in danger as a result.

When inquired about this, a prison official said that most of the protesters on the roof were arrested and imprisoned on drugs charges.

The group had climbed on the roof of the prison this morning and the prison officials had not been able to take them down till noon.

The detainees say that a large number of detainees have to stay together in the very poor facilities of the Bogambara Old Prison and that they should be sent back to the prison which belongs to the police area.

There are 536 detainees in the Bogambara Old Prison, police said.

The health department had taken steps this afternoon to subject the detainees to PCR tests in batches.

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