Stern action against encroachment of Mahaweli lands

Stern action will be taken against the those encroaching into lands within the Mahaweli Zones, Sri Lanka Mahaweli Authority Director General Keerthi B Kotagama said.

In a written advisory to the Residential Enterprise Managers of the ten Mahaweli Zones, the Director-General has informed them to take swift action under the existing provisions of the State Land Act No.07 of 1979 to prevent further land encroachment within the Mahaweli Zones. Director-General Kerethi Kotagama who pointed out that it is disputable why actions were not taken although there are legal provisions to do so reiterates that no room will be left for similar shortcomings or indiscretions in the future.

He said that advice has already been issued to all the Residential Enterprise Managers, Divisional Managers and Unit Mangers after he received complaints against land encroachments in the Mahaweli Zones. In addition, the Director-General has informed the Residential Enterprise Managers of all ten Mahaweli Zones to report him twice a week of the actions they have taken against land encroachments.

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