Plantation workers get increased wage

Plantation companies have taken steps to pay workers a daily wage of Rs.1,000 approved by the Wage Management Board.

The basic daily salary of Rs.900 and an allowance of Rs.100 amounting to Rs.1,000 has been paid to workers.

Earlier, estate workers were paid a daily wage of Rs.750 by the plantation companies.

In the last budget, Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa proposed that the daily wage of a plantation worker be increased to Rs.1,000.

After lengthy discussions between the Ministry of Labour, the plantation companies and the trade unions, the Wages Board decided to increase the daily wage of an estate worker to Rs.1,000.

The plantation workers expressing their views to the media regarding the payment of a salary of Rs.1,000 per day thanked the Government and the plantation unions for providing the much awaited salary increase.


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