Gazette issued banning 11 extremist organisations

An extraordinary gazette notification has been issued banning 11 extremist organisations in Sri Lanka, including the Islamic State (ISIS) and Al Qaeda.

The 11 groups banned are:

1. United Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (UTJ)
2.Ceylon Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (CTJ)
3. Sri Lanka Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (SLTJ)
4.All Ceylon Thawheed (Thowheedh) Jamma’ath (ACTJ)
5. Jamiyathul Ansaari Sunnathul Mohomadiya (JASM) alias Jamma’ath Ansaaris Sunnathil Mohomadiya Organization alias All Ceylon Jam-E- Athu Ansaris Sunnathil Mohammadiya alias Ansaris Sunnathil Mohammadiya Association alias Jama’ath Ansaris Sunnathil Mohammadiya
6. Dharul Adhar alias Jamiul Athar Mosque alias Dharul Athar Quran Madrasa alias Dharul Aadhaar Ath’thabawiyya
7. Sri Lanka Islamic Student Movement (SLISM) alias Jamia
8.Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) alias Al – Dawlah al – Islamiah Dawla Islamia
9. AL – Qaeda
10. Save the Pearls alias Save the Pearl Society
11.Super Muslim

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