Do not let the government go astray - State Minister

If this government is going in the wrong direction we should divert the government in the correct direction, Production and Supply of Fertilizer and Regulation of Chemical Fertilizer and Insecticide Use State Minister Mohan P. De Silva said.

He was addressing trade union delegates in Galle. “Not only did we begin the Sri Lanka People’s Front, but we dynamically drove it forward. We commend the incomparable strength you have given as trade union representatives to take it forward very vigorously. We need to talk openly about this regime,” he said.

You fought hard to protect the Eastern Jetty. We were also a little shocked at what was going on . It was only later that we realised that you helped to untie the political knot the former government had created.

We urge you to continue your struggle in the same way. If the government goes in the wrong direction, we will join hands with you unconditionally and take this government on the right path, he assured.We have prepared a programme for the Galle District under the leadership of Minister Ramesh Pathirana. We have stood up for you. Some people think that this government and the Sri Lanka People’s Front on came along a rosy way or on an easy way. It is wrong.

Our State Ministers always stand by your issues.Problems are solved with the advice of trade union leaders. When working in our Ministries we always listen to trade unions and work. However I would like to state that our trade unions do not support the implementation of the Prosperity Vision. Do pay your attention to that.

As we have given our support to protect your trade union rights, it is your obligation to support protect our government. It is one year since this government was elected. Although it is four years for the Podujana Peramuna, the government is not even one year old. We have a responsibility to take forward this government that we have worked so hard to form.

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