Colombo Port City Bill sets bad precedent - Vajira

Former Minister Vajira Abeywardena yesterday said that the Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill which bypasses the powers of the Judiciary, Parliament and the Finance Minister will set a bad precedent as it has made many Acts and Regulations redundant.

Speaking at a meeting to make the people aware of the proposed Bill at the Galle District UNP office on Sunday evening, the former Minister said the UNP does not oppose the Colombo Port City project if it is implemented to suit the country.

The former Minister distributed leaflets to the participants on the actions taken by the Government with regard to Colombo Port City project.

“The Colombo Port City Economic Commission Bill should comply with the country’s Constitution”, he said.

Abeywardena said that former Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe managed to stop the Colombo Port City agreement that gave outright ownership of Port City lands to China.

He said that all lands in the Port City will be owned by the government on the completion of a 99 year lease. Former Prime Minister Wickremesinghe managed to bring amendments to the agreement which are favourable to the country. 

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