Bring financial control of Port City under Parliament’s purview - Kiriella

The financial control of the Colombo Port City should be brought under the purview of Parliament, said Chief Opposition Whip Parliamentarian Lakshman Kiriella. Speaking at a media briefing in Kandy, MP Kiriella added that Parliament oversees the accounts of Government-affiliated institutions once a year and the COPE, COPA and the Finance Committee do not have the power to inspect the Port City’s accounts.

He further says that the Government is in the process of selling Sri Lankan resources to China and India by making false promises to the people of the country.

He also stated that this Government has taken steps to oppress the people without paying any attention to the control of the prices of essential commodities.

MP Kiriella noted that although other countries where the COVID-19 virus was prevalent had controlled the prices of essential commodities and provided relief to the people, such a situation is not seen in Sri Lanka.


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