Army to give artificial limbs to 64 former LTTE cadres

The Sri Lanka Army will be obtaining measurements from 64 former LTTE cadres who lost their limbs during the humanitarian mission to provide them with artificial limbs.

This includes 58 males and six females.They are currently in the active service of Civil Security Department in the Northern areas. Measurements will be obtained at the Abhimansala War Heroes Welfare Center in Anuradhapura on April 5 and 6.

The project is implemented by the Army with the sponsorship of the Civil Security Department and on the instructions of the Commander of the Army.

The required artificial limbs will be produced at the workshop for production of Prostheses and Orthotics situated at the Ranaviru Sevana in Ragama. In addition, as per a concept of the Army Commander the workshop in Ragama and the Sub workshop in Anuradhapura have also planned to provide free artificial limbs for civilians who became physically handicapped due to the civil war.Sri Lanka Army requests those who are in need to contact the Ranaviru Sevana at Ragama on telephone 0112958077 or the Abhimansala at Anuradhapura on 0252225151.

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