AC offices, closed spaces increase COVID spread - Chief Epidemiologist

Chief Epidemiologist Dr.Sudath Samaraweera yesterday stated that the indoor spaces with poor ventilation or lack of new air can raise the risk of the coronavirus’ spread.

“In a closed environment, we are at higher risk of contracting the virus.” he said.

The air conditioning is not filtering air or bringing in outside air.Open windows and other sources of natural ventilation can prevent coronaviruses spreading.

So medical experts recommend opening windows to reduce the spread of COVID-19 virus. Dr.Samaraweera further said that the COVID-19 positive cases have been reported from all the districts of the country. So each and every citizen of the country should follow the safety and health standards and regulations issued by the health authorities.

The country’s daily COVID positive cases increased 1,000 cases for the second consecutive day on Wednesday (28). Accordingly, 1,466 fresh cases were reported during the day.

As per the statistics of the Epidemiology Unit, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases remained at 104,953 by yesterday morning and 9,209 of them are still under medical care at treatment centres and hospitals.

Patients who recovered from the virus stands at 95,083. COVID related fatalities in the country has also increased to 661 with five deaths reported on Wednesday.

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