Rumpus at anti-LTTE fast in Jaffna

An organiser explaining to the Police

A group of protestors in Jaffna who were demanding justice to those who were abducted and murdered by the LTTE and other armed Tamil Organizations clashed when instructed to bring the protest to an end. A clash took place between the two factions on March 22 at Nallur in Jaffna.

 The protestors who engaged in a fast had asked the individual who arrived with a letter from the Jaffna Mayor if it was a Court Order.

Thereafter a heated argument was initiated and finally turned to a clash.

Police who arrived took action to separate the two factions and those engaged in the fast said that people have the right to engage in a protest regarding any matter.

The persons engaged in the fast said that the protest could not be halted unless there was a Court Order and also mentioned that an individual who organized a protest in Mannar, going against the Jaffna Mayor’s orders had been named as an accused person.

At this fast organized by the association relatives of persons murdered and missing due to the activities of the Tiger Organization and armed Tamil organizations, they said that Tamil political

parties had not submitted any information to the Geneva Human Rights Commission about persons killed by armed Tamil organizations and missing persons. It was said that as a result, the association launched this fast to draw the attention of the Geneva

Human Rights Commission to this issue and they also mentioned that in the meantime, steps have been taken to send a letter to the Geneva Human Rights Commission regarding this, as well.

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