Government to ban all groups promoting LTTE

The Sri Lankan Government will ban all groups who promote the LTTE ideology or separatism in Sri Lanka, said the Co-cabinet Spokesman Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila.

The minister made this observation responding to a question by a journalist with regard to the 'Tamil Diaspora' at the weekly cabinet media briefing held at the Government Information Department.

The Minister said that there is no diaspora. Diaspora is a Greek term frequently used for the Jewish people who have been expelled from Israel. Nobody has been expelled or extradited from Sri Lanka. So there is no diaspora.

"But we, as a country, closely engage with the Sri Lankan expatriate community. However, LTTE is a proscribed movement in Sri Lanka. Moreover separatism has been banned by our constitution through the 6th amendment to the constitution. Therefore, anybody irrespective of whether he or she is living in the country or abroad, anybody who propagates LTTE ideologies or encourages separatism in Sri Lanka will be banned and the government will not engage in those people in any manner." he added.


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