SL to launch diplomatic relations with Lichtenstein govt.

Lichtenstein is a small country between Switzerland and Austria bounded by landscapes and having a Parliamentary democracy as well as reigned by a constitutional head of state, a king as the Head of state.

It is considered as one of the wealthiest countries in the world with higher industrial capability and manufacturing mainly the medical drugs, subtle correction equipment and electronic equipment.

The gross domestic product during the previous year had been United States dollars 5.8 billion and per head income had been United States dollars 143,700 approximately.

Lichtenstein, being a state arrested investment with a developed banking system with a low - income tax scheme and being a member of the European Union is a member of the United Nations having diplomatic relations with many countries including India and Pakistan.

The government of Lichtenstein has expressed their consent to establish diplomatic relations with the government of Sri Lanka for developing friendship and corporation bi-laterally and multi - laterally.

Sri Lanka may possess the opportunity for investments and tourists having higher purchasing power accordingly the Cabinet of Ministers granted their consent to the proposal submitted by the Minister of Foreign Relations for the establishment of diplomatic relations with the state of Lichtenstein.

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