SJB launches ‘Intellectuals Forum’ to harness knowledge

The Samagi Jaba Balawegaya (SJB) on Saturday launched its ‘Intellectuals Forum’(Buddhi Mandapaya) with the participation of academics and professionals working in various fields.

Opposition Leader and SJB Leader Sajith Premadasa addressing the gathering said that the advice of intellectuals would be sought when formulating policies of the SJB.

He said the membership of ‘Buddhi Mandapaya’, which started with just 18 persons, has presently exceeded 100. “When I was working under various Governments in the past I experienced that intellectuals who supported those Parties to come to power were sidelined as soon as power was obtained.

“Prior to National Elections, we often witness a document containing a list of signatures of academics and professionals, and this list is given publicity through newspaper advertisements. However, once the ruling power is gained, we see how advisers and consultants are imported from foreign countries.

Not only that, we spend a lot of dollars to obtain their consultations for local matters, but at the end there had been no tangible benefit to the country.

We understand that foreign consultancy is required in some strategic aspects, but we should not depend on them entirely.

When we come to power, we will give more space for local intellectuals and their views will be respected,” he said.

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