Polluters beware, Police after you

Filephoto of garbage collected in the sidewalks in Colombo.

Police have begun a special environmental operation in the Western Province from yesterday to apprehend those violating and disrespecting environmental laws, especially with regard to waste disposal.

Police Media Spokesman DIG Ajith Rohana stated that cases have been reported about litter and garbage being dumped in many places in the Western Province, especially in Colombo.

Therefore a special operation was initiated by the Environmental Police to apprehend polluters.

DIG Ajith Rohana further said that if a person has violated environmental laws, that person would be arrested and charged under the National Environmental Act. “Haphazard disposal of household waste as well as plastic, bottles and polythene are reported in Colombo and suburbs by various parties.

As a result the cities appear unclean and polluted causing harm to the environment and inconvenience to the people. The Police have deployed officers from the Environmental Unit and other Units to carry out the operation” DIG Ajith Rohana said.

DIG Ajith Rohana said that operations pertaining to quarantine regulations will also be carried out in a strict manner.Accordingly State and non-state institutions will be inspected to determine and ensure that those institutions are adhering to quarantine rules and regulations in terms of the gazette notification issued in October last year.

Rapid Antigen tests will be conducted to passengers on long distance buses that leave Colombo. Additionally people moving in public places and employees in public economic places such as vegetable stalls and fish stalls will also be tested.

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