New Year wish to provide drinking water for all by 2025

We all have a habit of adapting to a lifestyle with new hopes and new goals. Society as a whole, this habit is good of the country and its people.We also have a goal. It is to complete the drinking water requirement in the country 100 per cent by 2025, states Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara in his New Year message.

The message:

We are united in our determination to succeed in it. People who do not have access to safe drinking water are also looking forward to this goal.

It will be our duty and our responsibility to make that expectation a reality. We assure you with confidence that we will accomplish it promptly. We do it on the strength of our teamwork, where the knowledge, intellectual planning and hard work of all our staff come together.

Our plan for the New Year is to prioritise the people in the difficult areas with the most challenging drinking water shortage. In that order, we are determined to end 2021 as a clearly meaningful and productive year.

It is not something we can do alone. We also need your support, your commitment and your guidance. Water is for the people. It is our responsibility to provide this cleanly and consistently. It is your job to discover what that is and to bring it about.

At present, about 20 per cent of the drinking water supply is wasted which is a serious problem for us. We have identified that water leaks, unsustainable water wastage and fraudulent water consumption are the main reasons for this waste. We will open 33 new projects to provide 245,500 new water connections by 2021. We also hope to launch another 150 small and medium scale projects and 40 large scale projects by 2021. 


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