Immunity, better way to defeat COVID-19 - Dr. Padeniya

Maintaining a strong immune system is the better way for protection from COVID-19 or any other communicable disease rather than relying on a vaccine, Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) President Dr. Anuruddha Padeniya asserted.

He made the above assertion delivering a lecture on the topic of “ A Country free of poison and waking up tomorrow” organized jointly by the Galle District

Professionals’ Association and Siyathma Organization at Mudalige Reception Hall in Pilana Galle on Sunday.

Practicing an empirical immunization methodology is more important than waiting in a reserve list for a vaccine. Immunization should go parallel to medication. It is the wise way to escape from this pandemic he observed.

The vaccines which have been newly found with the spread of the virus are the widely propagated methodology over overcoming the current Corona outbreak. However the curing power of these vaccines is yet irresolute. With the introduction of Anti-Covid vaccines four experiments were conducted to ascertain the power of such injections. However those trials were held in a hurry. So the productivity of them is questionable, Dr. Padeniya pointed out.

The World Health Organization has already recommended four types of new vaccines. They all are still at the trial stage. About two million people have been already vaccinated with the new shot. Studies and research are yet underway to ascertain the effectuality of the new drugs. It depends on the regeneration of the antibodies. If it would not give positive results as anticipated sometimes the new vaccines would be done away with. Such an uncertainty looms over these new drug products, GMOA president stated.

With regard to procedure that should be followed regarding the COVID-19 deaths, a Committee of Experts has been appointed. They will take the most appropriate decision after studying the global and local situations on the matter. They will also consider the geographical and social conditions of the country in taking a decision.

“When we prescribed medication for a patient we are more interested over the recovery of the patient rather than the side effects of the drug. Likewise when we take decisions on management of a pandemic outbreak we have to think comparatively over the outcomes of such resolutions,” he added.

He continued: “When we close the schools and restrict economic activities of the country we have to consider the social and community effect of such decisions. Some countries of the world act completely ignoring the existence of the pandemic while some other Countries are highly cautious over the pandemic. Hence we have to formulate strategies to run the country without interruption of economic activities while taking health precautions to combat the virus disease.

With regard to the Covid 19 pandemic we take only most appropriate decisions with least adverse effects. The closure of schools for a long period will affect our students both psychologically and physically. The schools will be reopened shortly. We shall introduce all safety methods for the protection of the students. We will coordinate with the Education Ministry regarding all these matters. Not only about students’ hygienic safety, we shall introduce our young generation to a very scientific food culture at both the school and home. One of our main concerns will be to save our children from the drug menace. We shall introduce a new food culture which will enhance the immunity power of the children. We also encourage our children to give up the use of milk powder. Instead we will introduce them with a number of wholesome foods which can be made using our native rice varieties.”


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