‘Illegal liquor outlets ruin Kurunegala’

Ariyapala Wanshathilake, Kurunegala Central Special Corr.

World Solidarity Forum for Justice and Peace in Sri Lanka Chairman Ven. Mahagalkadawala Punnyasara Thera said that 14 bars and liquor outlets are functioning in Kurunegala and some of these places sell even illegal local spirits with other liquors.

The Thera was speaking at a meeting at the Kurunegala YMBA hall on Wednesday.

Ven. Punnyasara Thera said that the public should take action to prevent these locations from selling these injurious substances.

These outlets should be closed up to protect the youth from poisonous spirits, the Thera said.

“A Bill was submitted to Parliament and passed in this regard, but still such places are functioning in the country,” the Thera said.

Ven. Thera said that legislators are reluctant to pass Bills against these businessmen.

Moragollagama Rathanasara Thera, Galgamuwe Dhammajothi Thera, Mugunuwtawana Saddhathussa Thera and several other Bikkhus spoke.

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