Government has deceived the people again - JVP

Although more than a year has passed since the present government came into power, they have so far failed to provide the people with the relief they promised, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) General Secretary Tilvin de Silva said.

It shows not only the failure of this government but also their incompetence. At the same time, this government is  implementing the economic plan carried out by the Ranil - Maithri government. Therefore, the people can never think of a prosperous tomorrow, he told a workshop held at the Galewela T.B. Tennakoon memorial hall to educate party members and activists. He said that no other government in recent history has had so much power as this government. The government now has a two-thirds majority in Parliament. Despite that, what has the government done so far? They promised to provide a relief pack to the people during the last Presidential election but the people did not get such a ration pack so far. Also,nothing was said about providing jobs to unemployed youth as promised, he stated.

“They promised a Rs.1,000 daily wage for plantation workers but has not been paid yet. It was said that the resources of the country would be saved but now all that is being bulldozed. State resources are going to be sold today. The government only deceived the people until it came to power. Only the JVP was not deceived by their false promises,” he added.

Silva said that when Ranil Wickremesinghe became the PM, the Central Bank was robbed in broad daylight.The present government vowed that these bank robbers would be brought to justice without pardon. But what has happened so far? The mastermind of this theft is not in the country either. This government has failed to capture him”.

“Those who committed theft in this country are now free in society. Some are out on bail. The government will continue to sell and consume the most valuable resources of the country. Such is the case with the sale of the Eastern Terminal to India. We must not allow this. We have to fight with our lives to protect this, he stressed.One thing has happened in this country today. That is to take forward the economic policies of Ranil and the Good Governance Government. Therefore, it is Ranil’s policy, not the people, that has made this government win. We are facing a major economic crisis today. Local production has completely collapsed. Sri Lanka has become a country without income in the eyes of the world, Silva said.

He said that In 1950, the country’s Per Capita Income was second only to Japan’s. But today Ethiopia is also above Sri Lanka. Now, Sri Lanka has become a debt-ridden nation. Today we have an unbearable debt ahead of us. The Per Capita debt of the country is Rs.900,000. The government is moving to fall further. Rs.650 billion has been printed in the recent days.

“In that sense, the future is very bleak. Today the whole country is in a debt trap. Just as Ranil committed the Central Bank robbery, this government also paved the way for the cronies of the ruling elites. By reducing the sugar tax from Rs.50 to 25 cents, a single company made billions,”Silva observed.

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