Feasibility study for operation of the first Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant

Due to the variability in generating electricity generation by certain renewable energy sources, technical problems have arisen in the operation of adding more such energy to the main grid.

The need to set up a Pumped Storage Hydropower Plants has been identified to address this issue and to store the excess power generation capacity.

Under the Long Term Power Generation Plan 2018-2037, it has also been identified the operation of a Pumped Storage Hydropower Plant in three phases from 2025 onwards.

A study carried out in collaboration with the Japan Inte rnational Cooperation Agency (JICA) has identified the Aranayaka area in the Ma- Oya valley and the Kandy Wewatenna area as suitable locations for the construction of the proposed power plant.

The Ceylon Electricity is of the view that a full feasibility study should be carried out on the most suitable location selected form these two.

This can be funded from the balance of the investment project of ‘Green Power Development and Energy Efficiency Improvement Project, which is being funded by the Asian Development Bank.

Accordingly Cabinet approved the proposal presented by Power Minister to conduct a complete feasibility study in this regard.

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