A manifestation of judicial independence – SLPP Lawyers

The Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) Lawyers’ Association said yesterday that the Supreme Court judgment in the Contempt of Court case filed against Parliamentarian Ranjan Ramanayake is a clear manifestation of judicial independence in the country.

Association Secretary Attorney-at-Law Athula Priyadharshana de Silva said the judgment delivered by the Apex Court over the Contempt of Court case against Parliamentarian Ramanayake was unique and has helped uphold the independence  of the Judiciary, as well as the Supremacy of the Law. Silva, in a statement issued yesterday, said heroes would not emerge through corrupt elements, and that those who ridicule the law and the society should not act in haste to give them the “Heroes” tag.

“The real heroes are the Judges who strove to protect the dignity and independence of the Judiciary amidst many challenges and obstacles,” Silva said. He stressed that offenders who try to boost their image by making disgraceful remarks would never become heroes.

“We, as members of the legal fraternity, are of the view that the country has inherited a respected legal system lasting for over 10 decades; no one was able to put the independence of the judiciary at stake by way of pelting stones at the residences of judges or bringing amendments to Constitutional clauses,” he said.

He said that attempts made by some elements to destroy the independence of the Judiciary were foiled even after judges were assassinated.

Silva added that the Executive, Legislature, and the Judiciary are the main pillars of support for a democratic system of governance.

“These institutions should be independent; the Executive or the Legislature should not needlessly interfere with the Judiciary. It is the responsibility of the Executive and the Legislature to remove any such impediments.”

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