UDA to find Rs. 1.7 bn for Meethotamulla Urban Park project

The project to convert the Meethotamulla garbage dump to an urban park will be completed by 2023, Urban Development, Coast Conservation, Waste Disposal and Community Cleanliness State Minister Dr. Nalaka Godahewa told Parliament yesterday.

The Urban Development Authority will have to attract investors to have the urban park up and running at an estimated Rs.1.7 bn project expense, he said.

The State Minister was replying to Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP S.M.Marikkar. Minister Dr. Godahewa observed, “The provisions allocated to convert Meethotamulla garbage dumping site into a urban park is Rs.1700 mn. A considerable workload has already completed concerning the urban park.The garbage dumping site which previously expanded upto 21 acres and more than 45 m in height has now been limited to 15 acres and 30m in height. The inclination of the garbage dump has been lessened to 25 degrees under the monitoring of the NBRO. In order to properly dispose leakage from the dump, a pipe system will be put in place under the purview of the NBRO. The preliminary steps regarding this have already been taken.We have also been able to establish 8 of the 31 pipes to remove the natural gases emanating from the dump as well. Presently we are developing the concept plan for the urban park. There are number of families illegally occupying this area. So we have allotted 80 houses for these families and the relocation plan of the rest of the families will take place soon. We are yet to establish the full Treatment Plant concerning the leakage water and gas that should be removed from the dump.The urban park’s road system and a proper drainage system should be developed.”

MP Marikkar requested the minister to carry out a field visit because the project is moving very slowly. Is there a plan to lease this urban park?, MP Marikkar also questioned.

In reply Dr. Godahewa said: “We do not receive allocations from the Treasury to establish and maintain this urban park.The Urban Development Authority must find the funds for it. Rs.1.7 bn will be spent for this park. I have already completed my field visit. We want to find investors. We are planning to establish maybe a housing scheme in the adjacent land to attract investors to this park.”

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