Galle MC MOs deprived of facilities

The three medical officers at the Galle Municipal Council are facing severe difficulties in carrying out COVID control activities due to the lack of adequate physical, human and communication facilities.

Galle district Epidemiologist Dr.Venura K.Singarachchi said the three medical officers are confined to a clinical building and they lack adequate human resources, communication equipment, computers and software facilities.

It has not been possible to obtain PCR samples and COVID control and to engage in monitoring service.He said the Galle district Medical Services Director has been notified about the situation. COVID control activities in Galle will be hampered if this situation is not rectified soon.COVID control activities have been carried out in Galle successfully since March. If this situation continues, the city people will have to face many problems. However, despite the difficulties, health officials are continuing to control the pandemic, the epidemiologist said.

The Galle Municipal health unit was shifted to another location in the Dangedara, Galle at the request of the Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) Galle branch.

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