Couple held with claymore in bag reveal sinister plan

The couple, who were arrested while transporting a claymore mine with their child, in a bus plying from Jaffna to Kandy on Wednesday had revealed that the bombs were to be used to carry out attacks in the North and the East.

The former female LTTE member and her husband were arrested in a joint operation by the police and the army in Paranthan on Wednesday following intelligence information.

The suspects were arrested when they were travelling in a bus plying from Jaffna to Kandy. According to the Police Headquarters, the couple had hidden the bomb in a bag containing carpets. It has been revealed that a LTTE network operating from Switzerland was planning to launch terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka.According to the intelligence sources, this is the 15th attempt made by the LTTE to launch an attack following the end of the war.

It has been revealed that the LTTE network is preparing to carry out claymore attacks on two targets in the North and East.

Gopi, the brother of the LTTE cadre who was killed in an army attack in the Nedunkerni jungle on April 14, 2014, is said to have planned the attack from Switzerland.

The arrested couple had been residing in a house opposite the house of Gopi alias Kajipan Ponnaiah Selvanayagam’s mother in Aiyakachchi, Panikkachchi.

According to information received from the couple, a hand grenade was found buried in the ground and a joint operation was launched by the police and the Army to search for more explosives in the premises. The claymore mine which was in the possession of the former LTTE member is reported to weigh 1.8 kilograms.The suspect has revealed that the bomb was to be sent to the east and that she had received the bomb from a motorcyclist. She had told the security forces that the foreign LTTE network had deposited money in her account and that she had taken her seven-year-old child to this operation as a ploy to avoid suspicion.

It has also been revealed that the couple had taken a bomb to Jaffna previously and the Army Intelligence Unit has launched an operation to find out more details including the intended targets of a possible attack.

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