US Election : Biden ‘confident’ of win as Trump sues to stop vote counting


Democratic candidate Joe Biden is inching towards a victory in the US presidential election. With 264 electoral college votes, he needs just six more to win the race to the White House.

Biden is projected to win the key states of Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, according to the Associated Press (AP). He also has an edge in Nevada, which will give him six more votes to cross the finish line.

US President Donald Trump, despite winning the big states of Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, currently has only 214 votes, according to tally by AP.

But the margins were exceedingly tight with the candidates trading wins in battleground states across the country. Millions of votes are yet to be tallied given the overwhelming number of people who voted early through mail-in-ballots due to the pandemic. Mail-in-ballots favour Biden, who spent months repeatedly telling his supporters to vote in advance, while Trump encouraged voters to vote on Election Day.

As per various local reports, the Trump campaign has started a multi-pronged legal attack in various key battleground states after the election results night. The President wants the justice system to intervene in a pending US Supreme Court case that has yet to decide whether or not the mail-in votes received after the election day should be counted or not.

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8 point summary from BBC

  1. Democratic challenger Joe Biden racks up a record 71.5 million votes and says he is winning enough states to become president, despite key results still outstanding
  2. “When the count is finished we believe we will be the winners,” he said in a brief speech, just before projections showed him winning Michigan
  3. The final result will come down to key, undeclared battleground states: Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania
  4. Mr Trump is so far projected to win 23 states, including Texas, Ohio and Florida, having outperformed pollsters’ predictions
  5. The president alleges fraud, without offering evidence, and says he will launch a Supreme Court challenge
  6. The Trump campaign launches legal bids to stop the counts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia and Michigan
  7. Mr Biden’s campaign calls President Trump’s statement “outrageous”, as protesters demand counting is allowed to continue
  8. Overall turnout is projected to be the highest in 120 years at 66.9%, and we might not have a result for days

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