Transport Ministry to introduce Driver’s Demerit System

The Ministry of Transport Services is set to introduce the Driver’s Demerit system in the future, State Minister of Vehicle Regulations, Bus Transport Services and Carriages, and Automotive Industries Dilum Amunugama said.

State Minister Amunugama said under the new system, the licence will be automatically suspended once the merit points are exhausted and reaches zero.

“Demerit points’ are points assigned for traffic offences under the Motor Traffic Act in addition to any other penalties entered to the Driving Licence or Endorsement Form of the offender.

“The driving licence will be suspended for a specific period of time with the accumulation of demerit points or the offender may have to obtain a fresh license. The system will encourage drivers to be responsible and careful,”, State Minister Amunugama further said.

The State Minister highlighted that the ‘Dual-purpose’ and ‘Heavy vehicle’ driving licence categories will be altered as ‘Commercial’ and ‘Non-commercial’ driving licences after the introduction of the Smart Card-type driving licence.

As per the new system, holders of commercial driving licence category, will be eligible to drive any type of vehicles, including buses, cars, and motorcycles, while the drivers should be in sound health condition.

However, holders of non-commercial licence such as differently-abled and handicapped persons cannot use their licences to drive commercial purpose vehicles, he added. (NewsWire)

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