‘SL to halt turmeric imports and grow its own’

The Agriculture Ministry has decided to halt the importation of turmeric from India in order to grow it here. Furthermore, aside from encouraging farmers to grow the crop, the ministry has also planned to encourage residents to grow turmeric in their home gardens.

The Agriculture Ministry said it plans to grow turmeric in the Northwestern Province (NWP). They added that they have received several complaints from consumers who allege that certain traders were mixing flour with yellow dyes and selling it as turmeric.

Turmeric is also a product widely used in the cosmetic industry. There is a high demand for turmeric in Sri Lanka that is one the rise and, therefore, cultivating it here would be profitable to the agriculture sector, the ministry said.

Raids are being carried out by the Consumer Affairs Authority against traders who are selling overpriced turmeric as well, the Agriculture Ministry added. 

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