NPP has fielded capable, educated candidates - Nadeeka

Veteran musician Nadeeka Guruge said that voters must think of the future when heading to the polls on August 5 because more often than not, people tend to regret bringing a certain political party only once they realise the damage that the party can do.

He added that the National People’s Power (NPP) is a party that has fielded capable, educated and intellectual members of the society who can and will bring an actual change. The voters must look into the credentials of the candidates they are voting for.

“After every election, the expectation of the majority of the people in Sri Lanka are shattered. Today we are on the brink of an economic crisis. People when voting should think of the future they are voting for. Will this party safeguard his or her right or will they merely amass more power.”

Meanwhile literary critic and author, Jayatilake Kammellaweera said that party members of the SLPP are canvassing for a victorious President forgetting that the members they will elect to Parliament will need to serve the people. “These individuals are vying for Parliament to further strengthen their President,” he said. “The President who said that precedence should be given to intellectuals is calling for opinions from the likes of Johnston Fernando, S.M.Chandrasena and Rohitha Abeygunwardena. This 2/3rd majority that they are now calling for is to help them rule the country with ease.”

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