Govt. hoodwinking people on MCC Agreement - JVP

Asking for a second opinion on the MCC Agreement from the Cabinet is a stratagy to bid time until the General Election is over, National People’s Power (NPP) delegate JVP General Secretary Tilwin Silva alleged yesterday.

Silva said that according to media reports, the Prime Minister had requested the Cabinet of ministers to separately submit their opinion on the MCC Agreement. “All these attempts are to just bid time until the General Election is over.What sort of a joke is this? If the government signs this agreement, it will receive USD 480 million.

 Rajapaksas are now aiming for this money. They are planning to pawn this country for USD 480 million.” Silva furthered.

The press conference was held at NPP headquarters where several representatives of the National People’s Power spoke to media, including Kelaniya University’s senior lecturer Anura Karunatilake and Muni Mulappar, a representative of a civil activist group.

Speaking further on the agreement Silva observed, “The USA will get the opportunity to get involved in the matters of land ownership by signing this agreement. The government is already abolishing forest protection circulars as a part of this move. The government is presently setting the ground to sign this agreement. The President, if he is truly a patriot, can cancel the agreement with just one letter. Why can’t the Rajapaksas repeal the agreement when there is a mandate against the MCC. There is no legal limitation for that either. Now the Rajapaksa acolytes are say they need a two thirds majority to cancel the agreement, which is not true. The public has seen the nudity of this government now. Now it is proven that all what this government is capable of is, to sell and destroy this country. If people want to rescue the country from this peril, there is no other way than strengthening the National People’s Power movement in and out of Parliament. So we kindly request people to send more representatives of the NPP to Parliament if you truly want to save this country.”

Silva also said, “Rajapaksas who hoodwinked the public at the previous Presidential Election are ready to do it again in this General Election. They did not fulfill a single promise they made in the presidential election. They are doing exactly the opposite of what they said they would do. During the Presidential Election we saw there were a considerable number of educated persons rallying behind the President. However, now there are only thieves.This government has stooped so low to look for protection behind thieves.”

Referring to a recent observation made by the Prime Minister, Silva said that, “Now he is asking to look at the big picture. He asks us not to look at the fragments. But it is with all the little pieces we could create a big picture. He is saying not to consider some grave mistakes done by this government. He is asking us to think about the country. So, the cricket issues, Karuna Amman’s statement, Thondaman’s funeral, are these not relevant to the country? But the same people are signing agreements with USA, China and India, while betraying the country.These moves made by this government jeopardize the sovereignty of our country.”

Speaking on the issue concerning the East terminal of the Colombo Port Silva observed that, “The East terminal of the Colombo Port is now to be handed over to India. Now three port employees have started a protest against it. The cranes brought to the East terminal is locked up without being used. Shipping delays have increased to millions. The Colombo port has only the East terminal left now. It is going to be developed and given to an Indian company instead of making an income out of it. Port workers say that they can manage this. However, the government has come under pressure from India. If our workers start working, the government won’t be able to hand over the terminal.”

Silva furthered, “The terminal is going to be given to a company called Adani in India. The East terminal is the only main terminal currently owned by Sri Lanka. This government has become so weak that it cannot even develop a harbour jetty. Now the Colombo port is going to be sold. What were they meaning when they talked about the security of this country if it is to be given to foreign countries? National security was also the main topic used at the presidential election. They said a new government would do away with the agreement concerning Hambantota port that was sold by the UNP government. Where are the people who were shouting about imperialist conspiracies? Were these people truely patriots?”

Silva also pointed out that port employees have come together to fight against the selling of Eastern terminal without any party politics. “We, the National People’s Power fully support this struggle. We demand the government to fix the cranes brought under the authority of the Ports Authority.” he added.

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