EC should be fair by all parties, -SJB candidate

The Election Commission (EC) is not implementing election laws in a fair manner by all political parties, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) yesterday (22) stated at a press brief held in Colombo.

Kalutara district SJB candidate Ajith P. Perera alleged that the Election Commission is implementing one type of election law for the Government and another for the Opposition.

Perera pointed out that there are about 150 election offices in the Kalutara district that violate election laws. However, the Election Commission is turning a blind eye. These offices display information on cutouts that is prohibited by the EC, Perera pointed out.

“If the agents of the Election Commission cannot remove these offices, are we to remove them? Not that we cannot do it, but it will create a conflict between the two parties. So we urge the EC to take swift measures to remove all such election offices, cutouts and billboards that violate the election law,” Perera said.

“There are such Election Offices close to the Election Commission premises as well. If the Commission cannot monitor such simple activities as these, how are they going to hold a free and fair election? When we use cutouts and posters it is normal to display candidates’ preferential numbers and other relevant information. However, this time the EC has prohibited that. All the candidates who have a lot of financial support have turned to the media. But it is not the same for every candidate. The Pohottuwa candidates can freely display this information, while the opposition candidates cannot do so. This is not fair by the opposition,” Perera further said.

Perera also alleged that the government, if not for stubbornness, would have been able to properly manage the COVID-19 pandemic. He also complained that the government did not offer a relief package for the people who were economically hit by the pandemic.

Meanwhile, former MP Mujibar Rahuman alleged that former Minister and Colombo district SLPP candidate Wimal Weerawansa has used a stamp/rubber stamp that displays his face on the envelopes used to post election propaganda documents. Displaying such an envelope to the media Rahuman said, “During the election campaign, all candidates receive a quota that they could use to post documents such as election manifestos by post free of charge. This is a facility provided by the Election Commission. So how can Weerawansa’s image appear on these letters similar to a stamp? How can a person print his own face like this on a stamp? We have heard that there have been several complaints made regarding this matter to the CID as well. This not only violates the election law but also the country’s law. How can someone fake a stamp like this? Is there some kind of a circular that allows candidates to print their faces on stamps that they use to post letters? Can we do the same? The Election Commission should immediately take legal action regarding this matter,” Rahuman said.


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